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New Igloo Map/Orbvab Troubles

Posted in Uncategorized on July 23, 2008 by cpwoton

Hey! There has been an update to the igloo map! Now, along with having the igloos on a map there is a list of igloos you can choose from.


There has also been some trouble on Orbvab’s site, One of the admins on his site has pass protected the entire site and deleted everyone but themselves from the site (including Orbvab). A while ago Orbvab quit and I was pretty much doing all of the posting for him. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of adding a certain someone as an admin. That person could not delete the site because they do not have Orbvab’s WordPress email but the best they could do is pass protect the site so that only they could view it. I am almost certain who this person is but I won’t say anything until something else happens to the site.

Waddle on!