Medieval Party Update!

The Medieval party is still going on and I’m here to update this site.
The pin is at the boiler room and you have to move your cursor over the pouring thingy and you will get the king’s crown pin.
Unfortunately, the nonmember free item is the wizard hat (from last year) and its, again, at the lighthouse.
This quest is for members.
At the town and plaza there is a sign called: Knights Needed. Click on the sign and click go there and you will be teleported to the cave. enter the portcullis. It will take you to the stage 1, where you must light up all the orbs. Then, when you light all 5 orbs, you can go to the stage 2. Simply hit 50 of the targets. There will be also a free item: The golden shield. Next, go to the third stage. You must pass through the maze, but at the start, there will be again a free item: The Golden helmet. Then, follow these steps to pass the maze:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

And, when you finish, you will be found at the final room, that there is again a free item: The Golden Knight Armor!!!!!

Credit to Stelios Boy-Woton Gaming Moderator for posting the cheats.

Royal Waddle on!

Leader of SPECS

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