Dragonfable,Adventure Quest and Mechquest Cheats

Introducing the new page….

DAQMC!(also pronounced as dakemsi)


Fight on!

http://dragonfable.com/ for dragonfable

http://battleon.com/ for Adventure Quest

http://mechquest.com/ for mechquest!

Dragonfable Cheats:

The Password to twilly’s Minigame Prizes is:


Popsprocket’s Pen pal quests!

Go to Popsprocket. Go down. Talk to the gnome. And do quests!!!!

Easy Money:

Talk to Robina. Click Bounty Hunting. Click Yes. Go to right. Go up. Then right again. Then finish the quest. And you will get many gold, daggers and some junk (you can sell them)!

Easy EXP:

Go to Amityvale. Talk to Lugosi (In right house). Do the Quest for Moonglow. Finsh the quest. And you will have many EXPs and Moonglow (you can sell or use them to make a weapon (in Lugosi’s Weapon Shop).)!

Mechquest Cheats:

In Mysterious Johnson’s House, Hover your mouse at the ball and wait for the timer.

and he will say why did you click on that????

and then there will be sound effects! Its like this:

And you will unlock Quests and Uniforms!!!

Adventure Quest Cheats:
In Warlic’s Tent, Click on Explore Shop.

Then you will get a chance to play with Warlic’s Ingredients!

The Potions:

Dark Skin Potion, Green Hair Potion, Teleportation Potion, Backwards Potion, Pet Rock Potion, HP Potion Resetter, MP Potion Resetter.

Sorry I forgot the Ingredients!

Oh also, when you die in a battle, talk to Death but don’t finish the conversation. Click on the hourglass and you will unlock Hidden (and funny:lol:) quests!

Go Fighters, Go!

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