Guess The Penguin Contest!

Guess the penguin contest!!!

Be sure you have your site!!!!!

Because the prize is….

You will be added to my BLOGROLL!

That’s right!

Now for the first penguin…..

Penguin 1

*Leader of the PBB.

*This penguin is a member.

*Leader of Penguin 2.

Who is he???

Penguin 2

*This penguin is a mystery.

*You see him always at this site.

*His favorite number is……SEvenTy ThReE!
* He is the leader of the army, AFP!
Guess who?

Penguin 3

*You see this penguin frequently at this site.

*She is Penguin 2’s sister!

*An assistant of Penguin 2.

*A Doomshooter Pilot at AFP.


Penguin 4

*The pirate penguin.

*Once sailed with a penguin whose name is Bambadee.

*Gives a free background to all who sees him.

Only you can find out.


*The ga….et p…gu…

*H…gs at t….H…

*W….s glas…..

*A secre…age…

*Col..r Bl…e

More Penguins to come

4 Responses to “Guess The Penguin Contest!”

  1. Is number 2 – you, superelectric73? Is the 3rd one kristaganda17? I dunno about no 1

  2. duckieten Says:

    1-FIRE PENY 88

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