Order an Alien!!!

Hello guys and gals! What you can do here is order an alien!
Just comment below the characteristics like this:
Name: Glorpie
Circular, Green, Blobby, has 4 circular face eyes, 2 red claw hands,4 rectangular feet and 4 sharp toothed mouth.
This is what it should look like:


If you commented below, you will see your alien here.


Fire Peny
Fire Peny

Green Klink
Green Klink


20 Responses to “Order an Alien!!!”

  1. Mariolover69 Says:

    hello! I would like to order an alien:
    Name: Supermarioblast
    Characteristics: Color Red, Thin Rectangle Body, 1 eye on top, 6 long oval blue hands, 2 curvy blue feet and has spikes.
    Superelectric73: Okay your alien will be done soon. 😉

  2. Happyfire58 Says:

    Hey! I wanna order an alien!
    Name: Hundredfireblast
    Characteristics: He’s a fire with 2 cute eyes and has a smiling mouth.
    Superelectric73: No prob. Your alien will be made asap!

  3. superelectric73 Says:

    Are these ok?

  4. Happyfire58 Says:

    Yeah! That must be the cutest fireball ever!

  5. Happyfire58 Says:

    Im gonna check your site daily!!!!!

  6. Mariolover69 Says:

    Thats cool! You must be an expert!

  7. superelectric73 Says:

    Thanks Happyfire58 and Mariolover69!

  8. These are wicked! You are great at paint! Can I have a red FIRE alien with electricl powers 🙂
    Thank you!

  9. superelectric73 Says:


  10. superelectric73 Says:

    What is the Name???

  11. superelectric73 Says:

    Whats the name of ur alien???

  12. KRiSTA ^^ Says:


    how’s LiFE ??

    iMY BROTHER :]

    take care.

    PS. i would like to order an alien thats color ViOLET ;]

    2 eyes :]

    a BALL of CUTE-ness && iCE :]


    BRO 😉

  13. KRiSTA ^^ Says:

    NAMED freezy :]

  14. superelectric73 Says:


  15. duckieten Says:

    hi duckieten here can i order an alien name: green klink
    charecteristics: made out of a bucket of rum with green eyes and supports chelsea, no arms on him please!

  16. duckieten Says:

    add me to your users, PLEASE!

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