Ultimate Quiz!!!

If you get at least 9 of the answers right: You can choose a prize from these:
-an animated gif with an autograph of Superelectric73
-be in Superelectric73’s Blogroll
-be an author of this site
-become friend of his Yahoo! Messenger Account
-your bio and your penguin Biography will be posted

Okay, here’s the quiz:
1. What is the fear of thunder and lightning?
2. Who invented the lightning rod?
3. Which superhero involves superspeed and has a lightning bolt drawn at his chest?
4. In Taekwondo, what number is Il-gop?
5. What type of book is Chicken Soup for the Soul?
6. How many karats is pure gold?
7. What temperature is Absolute Zero?
8. What is the meaning of SCUBA?
9. What’s the capital of Madagascar?
Last but not the least….
10. What is the longest word? (Wrong spelling, wrong!)



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