Sensi Tracker

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Hi penguins! It’s nice to be back here posting again, it feels like it’s been a LONG time since I last came to this site.

As some of you may already know, Sensi has come to visit all the ninjas in the secret ninja hideout! He has also brought an exclusive background with him. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet – and unfortunatly today is the last day of his visit. Luckly I have made a widget to track sensi down, I will only be able to update it until 12pm PST. Here’s the widget, I have placed the code for you to copy below:

<div style=”text-align: center;”><a href=””><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”” /></a></div>
Make sure you check the widget regualy or you might miss your chance to meet the card jitsu legend,
Fire Peny 88 😉

Card Jitsu code contest

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Hey penguins! It’s me Fire Peny 😀 , I’m posting to day to tell you all about a special contest we’ve got going on at!

Comp is now and I are holding a short contest for a card jitsu code. To enter you have to design a new card for the game. Templates of Fire, water and ice cards are all avilable on the site.

For full info go to,

Fire Peny 88 8)


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Hello penguins! Long time no posts from me 🙂 huh?

I’m here to announce a SPECS and PBB snowball fight. The details are on my ‘party widget’ which you can see below:


SPECS and PBB are in the green fort wearing black or dark blue. The times for Philippines are as following:

Saturday 16th May, 8:00 pm, Snow forts, Server:Slushy

Sunday 17th May, 10:30 am, Snow forts, Server:Brumby

Please come,

Fire Peny 88 🙂

* Leader of PBB *

Win a Prize!!!

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Click this to win a prize!

Medieval Party Update!

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The Medieval party is still going on and I’m here to update this site.
The pin is at the boiler room and you have to move your cursor over the pouring thingy and you will get the king’s crown pin.
Unfortunately, the nonmember free item is the wizard hat (from last year) and its, again, at the lighthouse.
This quest is for members.
At the town and plaza there is a sign called: Knights Needed. Click on the sign and click go there and you will be teleported to the cave. enter the portcullis. It will take you to the stage 1, where you must light up all the orbs. Then, when you light all 5 orbs, you can go to the stage 2. Simply hit 50 of the targets. There will be also a free item: The golden shield. Next, go to the third stage. You must pass through the maze, but at the start, there will be again a free item: The Golden helmet. Then, follow these steps to pass the maze:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

And, when you finish, you will be found at the final room, that there is again a free item: The Golden Knight Armor!!!!!

Credit to Stelios Boy-Woton Gaming Moderator for posting the cheats.

Royal Waddle on!

Leader of SPECS

Hello from Malaysia!

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Hello again penguins! Long time no see!!!

I’m here in Malaysia with my cousins! Superelectric73’s not here but he’s there in the Philippines! Hi Superelectric73! We went to the bird park! Was it yesterday or the day before that? Hehe! See ya

Keep waddling!

SPECS Comment Improvement Project

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Hey! Wanna improve SPECS? Just comment below on what we can add and remove!!

Puffguin? Pengfle?

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Hey!! I had just made an idea! What do you get when you cross a penguin and a puffle? A pengfle? or a puffguin? What do you think? Comment below!

Why Electric73?

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Electric-My favorite element is electric. It gives power to homes around the world. It has been my favorite element because it’s useful.

73-Heh. You’ll probably know why I added this. Its my favorite number!!!!

Superelectric73’s New Widget

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Hello dear penguins!

Today I have made a new widget!!!!

Here it is:

create animated gif
Club Penguin Cheats and Hints and Special Penguin Electrification Council Super-Classified

To put this widget on your site, just copy and paste this link:

<a title=”Superelectric73″ href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”create animated gif” width=”300″ height=”191″ /></a>
<a href=””>Club Penguin Cheats and Hints and Special Penguin Electrification Council Super-Classified</a>